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Professor Emeritus Dragutin Taboršak

(12th June 1925 - 20th December 2018)

It is with deep sorrow that we have to announce that our dear colleague, Professor Emeritus Dragutin Taboršak, member of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, as well as an honorary member of the Croatian Ergonomics Society (CrES), passed away peacefully. He has left behind many close friends and colleagues. His death touched us deeply and made us very sad.


History of the Croatian Ergonomics Society

The Croatian Society of Ergonomics was established at the founding Assembly on 20 May 1974 in Zagreb. The founder and the first president of the Croatian Society of Ergonomics was Prof. Emeritus Dragutin Taboršak, PhD. In 1991, the Croatian Society of Ergonomics changed its name into Croatian Ergonomics Society (CrES).

The 40th anniversary of the CrES Conference took place at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture on May 30th 2014, at the same institution where CrES was founded. More..

Existing for more than four decades, CrES has recognized the importance of exchange of knowledge and experiences between scientists and experts, as well as with the broader population, which is now one of the most important objectives of CrES annual plans and strategy. Now, CrES is open for developing of more intensive cooperation with all institutions and associations from Croatia and abroad dealing with development and promotion activities related to the fields of ergonomics and human factors, with the aim of mass popularization of human environment of the workplace, as well as establishment of the individual wellbeing at and outside the workplace.

Therefore, the activities of CrES members as well as CrES working bodies arise from our main objectives and strategies that were improved during several recent years and may be presented briefly as follows:
1. Increasing the number of regular members in Croatia;
2. Providing membership of prominent scientific and professional experts within the field of ergonomics from abroad in CrES;
3. Organizing lectures, discussions and exchanging of experiences for the members of CrES;
4. Continuing with activities of introducing the subject of ergonomics into the educational system in Croatia;
5. Organizing and implementing university study programs of ergonomics at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in Croatia;
6. Promoting implementation of ergonomics into professional practice in Croatia;
7. Supervising and improving professional work within the field of ergonomics in Croatia as well as starting active co-operation with CREE (Centre for Registration of European Ergonomists);
8. Organizing conferences within the field of ergonomics in Croatia;
9. Co-organizing, supporting and endorsing all conferences in Croatia as well as in the World which contain groups of topics from the field of ergonomics;
10. Organizing and co-organizing popular seminars for the extension of ergonomics in Croatia;
11. Associating and affiliating with other similar and related societies from Croatia and the world;
12. Co-organizing and attending the related ergonomic conferences of all ergonomics societies in Europe and the World that officially and really support the work of CrES;
13. Encouraging research work within the field of ergonomics in Croatia;
14. Active participation in the work of umbrella ergonomic associations in Europe and the World, such as FEES and IEA

The amounts of CrES membership fees were confirmed by CrES Assembly as follows:
- the annual membership fee for regular members is HRK 75,
- the annual fee for members of the CrES who are undergraduate or graduate students is HRK 50, while
- honorary members are exempted from paying annual membership fee.